Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Could a New Home Be the Best Investment Today?

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Whether that home is a small, single-family dwelling, a manufactured home, a sprawling ranch, or a multi-story, you have to look at the trends in real estate to know how to make the smartest investment.

With that said, new-home sales have risen 0.7 percent since September of this year. In October, new-home sales were 1.8 percent higher overall. Could a new home be the smartest investment for you?
The above statistics suggest that buying a new home might be the best option this year, if even just because of convenience and availability. According to Commerce Department reports, new-home inventories increased 1 percent in October, the highest since the summer of 2010. Additionally, the sales pace for October rose from 5.5 months in September to 5.6 months. That’s looking pretty good since economists typically say six months is the healthiest supply-and-demand balance.
What is the draw-back in the booming new-home market, you ask? Well, new homes are expected to be more expensive now. Median new-home prices skyrocketed 15.4 percent since last year, up to $305,000. 
No matter if you decide on a new home, a historic home, or something in between, the Clause Team would love to be a part of your home-buying process. We are here to put you in the home you deserve. 
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