Monday, October 22, 2007

Can I afford to buy a Home? Yes the American Dream!!

Isn’t it interesting that just a few short years ago the interest rates were at 7% and 8% and people were still looking at buyer a home being the American Dream. During the past few months the interest rates have been sometimes below 6% and people are on the fence about buying a home. Did the American dream go away? Has the military somehow discouraged people from buying? All you folks that have VA benefits out there you still have those benefits!! In the past few years, folks have gotten away from looking into or realizing that those VA and FHA loans are out there and very easy to get.

In the past the Schertz/ Cibolo area had some builders, but not an abundance, and all were production builders. Now, you can build a home with more of your own specifications, much like a custom home. You can even build a custom home in the nearby areas. The preowned market is sometime your best value, if the seller is realistic about the “market” in the area. Some of the preowned homes have upgrades, such as blinds, ceiling fans, landscaping, and ceramic tile to name a few.
Find an area specialist! You don’t have to rely on your own knowledge about a “market”. And the national media has no idea what is happening in our area. They can only report generalizations. A buyer agent is a wealth of information on the area and the financing options out there. Use those benefits the government backed loan programs. These loans were created for people to afford the American Dream and now is a great time to buy a home. Yes you can afford to buy a home and don’t let anyone tell you can not use a government program just because they don’t know how or don’t want to take the few extra steps it takes to get that financing.