Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Texas Veterans loan limits raised

There's good news this month for veterans looking for real estate in Texas. Their list of choices just got longer as a result of a decision to increase low-interest loan limits by the Texas Veterans Land Board.

The unanimous vote increased the low-interest loan limit from $232,500 to $417,000 for a home and from $80,000 to $100,000 for the purchase of land. This is the single biggest increase since 2003, when the loan cap was $150,000 for homes. 

 Founded in 1946, the TVLB was created to help World War II veterans buy land for agricultural purchase. It has been facilitating home purchases since 1983 through a variety of unique loan and assistance programs. 

If you'd like more information about the options available to Texas veterans interested in buying a home through the TVLB, contact the Claus Team and ask to speak with one of our buyers' agents. We are experts in assisting veterans and active members of the United States military in their home purchases.

You can reach the Claus Team by phone at 210.566.6474, or visit us online at www.theclausteam.com.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Video Series Addresses Things Real Estate Buyers Need to Know

The Claus Team is debuting a new video series! The ABCs of Buying a Home is a weekly series of short, informational videos addressing topics real estate buyers need to familiarize themselves with as they begin the home-purchase process.

This week's video, "A - Agency," explains why it's important to be represented by a buyer's agent.

EVERY real estate buyer should engage the services of a buyers’ agent. Buyers’ agents represent YOUR interests in a real estate transaction. They can help you narrow down your search, tell you if a property’s asking price is reasonable, and guide you in crafting an offer. Anything you tell a buyer’s agent is confidential. EVERY home listed in the MLS system is going to be represented by a realtor. In making potentially the biggest purchase of your life, make sure you’re represented by an expert familiar with your market, as well. The service is free to you and means you’ll be bringing professional representation to your real estate negotiation.

If you’d like more information about what a buyers’ agent can do for you, or if you’re thinking of buying a home in San Antonio, contact the Claus Team at 210.566.6474 or visit www.theclausteam.com

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Median Texas home sales price increases in first quarter 2012

The Texas Association of Realtors this week released good news for home sellers in the first quarter edition of the 2012 Texas Quarterly Housing Report. The median home price increased by nearly three percent versus 2011. 

In the first quarter, 2012, the median home sales price in Texas rose to $147,100. For sellers considering whether the time is right to put their homes on the market, this level of growth is a clear indicator that prices are on the rise. 

For buyers, precedent for increased sales prices means it's more important than ever to engage the services of a buyers' agent to help negotiate the best possible home price in a transaction. 

Overall movement on the Texas real estate market has increased, as well.  Single-family home sales in Texas were up 12 percent over first quarter 2011 levels. 

If you're ready to capitalize on Texas' growing real estate market by buying or selling a home in San Antonio, e-mail Jeanine Claus and the Claus Team, a full-service agency specializing in real estate located in San Antonio's outer I-35 corridor by phone at 210.566.6355 or visit us online at www.theclausteam.com.