Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Tips For Selling Your Home This Holiday Season

Yes, this time of year is really tough in terms of selling your home. Everyone is so busy getting into the season and people typically want to move after the holidays. 
However, there are some killer advantages, too. Holiday buyers are usually more serious than your average looker, and other homes on the market are scarce, so there’s not as much competition with your home. To boost your chances of getting an offer, though, here are 10 tips that will be sure to up your selling game.
  1.   Deck the Halls, But Don’t Go Crazy!
Sure, you’d love to post your giant, inflatable snowman front-and-center on your front lawn, but that may be going a bit overboard for the purposes of selling your home. But you can still have fun! Simplicity is key here; subtle lighting to accentuate the beautiful features of your home (like a bunch of mistletoe hanging under an elegant archway) is best. A simple wreath on the front door, a lighted pathway, and a few strings of lights on the outside may be just the thing to welcome Christmas along with potential buyers.
  2.   Hire a Good Real Estate Team (*Ahem*, The Claus Team!)
A good agent will work hard, meet deadlines, and honor his or her promises to you regardless of the business of the holiday season. Your sale should be priority! Here at the Claus Team, we will go above and beyond to sell your home. And we'll try and keep you in the Christmas Spirit along the way!
  3.   Target Motivated Buyers
This is the perfect time of year to go head-hunting for buyers. An agent will be able to help you locate buyers on a deadline (like people relocating for jobs near you), university students and staff, service members, and investors. Buyers are out there; sometimes you just have to go looking for them.
  4.   Price Your Home to Sell
If you’re extremely motivated to sell during the season, consider placing your home a bit lower for the state of the market. Buyers will be more likely to consider your home if you offer a low price off-the-bat.
  5.   Up the Curb Appeal
Since the winter months are notorious for being harsh to lawns, trees, and home exteriors, make up-keep a priority. Touch up the paint, rake the leaves, trim the branches and hedges, edge the lawn, shovel snow (maybe not in Texas, but definitely in, say, Minnesota), and clean the gutters. This could make all the difference.
  6.   Make Good Photos a Priority
Work with your agent to get photos of a beautifully-staged, clean, and modern-looking home. The images should be high-quality and reflect the beauty, spaciousness, and uniqueness of your home. If you have one, a spring or summer photo is always best for exterior shots of your home. Flowers, green, and sunshine always make it prettier (unless you have one of those idyllic pics of your home looking like pristine a winter wonderland).
  7.   Consider Creating an Internet Video Tour
People nowadays are particularly visual and fast-paced. A video could be the best way to visually represent your home, as it gives a realistic view of every nook and cranny, with some movement and life. Additionally, it attracts people who don’t necessarily want to make a drive out to tour the home face-to-face because of inclement weather or busy schedules (it's that time of year!).
  8.   ‘Tis the Season for Cozy
Make your home as cozy and inviting as possible. Light candles, start a crackling fire, turn on some soft music (maybe Christmas carols!), and subtly scent your home with something reminiscent of their grandma's famous pumpkin pie to give people an experience they’ll not soon forget.
  9.   Bear Gifts of Goodwill (In the Form of Financing)
Considering offering financing to buyers who are struggling with scrooge-like lenders if you've got the means and are in the Christmas Spirit. This option might not be for everybody, but it definitely could expedite a difficult process for both parties, and give you a chance to bank on interest.
  10.    Remember What’s Important
It’s the season of family, friends, generosity, thankfulness, and good cheer. Remember that if your home isn’t selling now, 2015 is just around the corner, likely to up your odds of selling. Enjoy the season and try and release the stress of the home-selling process. Put up your feet and let the Claus Team do what we do best!

The Claus Team is Here to Help You Sell Your Home This Holiday Season (And Beyond)!  Call Brad Claus at (210) 566-6355 to talk.

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