Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hunger in San Antonio

As you get ready to eat your tasty lunch today or begin to prepare your supper, chew on THIS fact...in San Antonio, ONE in every FOUR children and ONE in every FIVE adults lives in poverty.  To go hungry is thankfully something that most of us will never deal with, but hunger is a very real problem that folks of all ages and backgrounds deal with daily.  Here in San Antonio, the San Antonio Food Bank works to deal with this problem by partnering with local agencies such as soup kitchens, church food pantries, family crisis centers and and hospice programs, to provide healthy, FREE food to indivuduals that need it.

On Saturday, The Claus Team volunteered to help sort food and pack boxes.

To say that this was a rewarding experience would be an understatement.  While the day was full of fun and camaraderie, the knowledge that we could help those in need was what made the day worthwhile.  If anyone else is interested in volunteering their time at the San Antonio Food Bank, click HERE for more information.  If you can't volunteer your time, there are so many other ways to help.  You can hold a food drive, help to raise money, donate money yourself, or even just be an advocate for the cause.  Because ANY single effort that helps fill a hungry belly is an effort well spent.

*If you, or someone you know, is experiencing problems getting food, please call the Food Bank at (210) 337-3663 for information on how to access the resources you need.

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