Monday, August 15, 2011

Honey, you're snoring again....

Imagine you are tired.  Very, VERY tired. You go around the house and turn off all the lights, and get your coffee maker ready for the morning.  Then you go into your bedroom.  You take a long, hot bath, then turn down all the lights.  You slip between your cool sheets and kiss your husband good night.  Just as your head melts into your pillow and you start to drift off into the delicious bliss of a perfect nights sleep, suddenly you are RUDELY awaken by an obnoxious, indiscernible noise.  What could it be?!

Perhaps a freight train just passed by your window?

Did someone just play a trumpet in your ear?

Is a there a bear fight outside your bedroom window?

No, it's your husband, and YES, his snoring is THAT LOUD.  Besides the fact that loud snoring is a, it also inhibits ones partner from getting a good nights sleep.  Often times, the non-snoring party in the couple is relegated to one of two choices: enduring the night while barely catching a wink, or sleeping on the couch.  Most people don't like EITHER option, and great news--neither do some home builders.

Several companies that specialize in "over 55" communities, such as DR Horton and PulteGroup, are offering new homes designed with a special "snore room" connected to the master bedroom!  These floor plans are great for couples that struggle with issues--snoring and otherwise--that prevent them from sharing a bedroom at night.  The "snore rooms" are designed to share a master bathroom, so both rooms are part of one larger owners retreat.

Are you living with a snorer that is UNDER 55?  Take heart!  Hopefully this will be part of a trend that will soon be offered at ALL kinds of housing communities.  But for the time being, it looks like you are still stuck issuing Breathe Right strips and wearing earplugs.    And look on the bright side--there are some really great infomercials playing in the middle of the night!

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