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5 Projects That Up Value of Your Home

Projects That Up Value of Your Home

Remodeling and fixing-up your home can be a way to boost the value of your home. But it's important that whatever you do to your home, you end up getting your money's worth out of it. The 2015 Remodeling Cost vs Value Report explains that exterior projects and smaller projects had the best bang-for-your-buck this year.

It can be a very overwhelming prospect to decide what to do and what not to do, but luckily the experts here at the Claus Team can help you out. The first thing we will say is that curb appeal is always important to buyers searching for homes. It's the first thing buyers see and the thing that leaves the most lasting impression when they're done viewing your home. For instance, do you have a crumbling retaining wall that is barely holding up, like the one in this photo? Although it can be a big project with tractors and lots of digging, it will be worth it in the long run when it comes to selling your home to at least repair a shoddy retaining wall.

(Photo Credit: A Pinch of Vintage)

Another great way to spend money and recoup that money is to replace your door with a steel door. In fact, says that switching to a steel door in the front can recoup the cost of the door by "101.8 percent" upon resale. Steel doors are markedly less expensive than their wood and fiberglass counterparts, save on energy expenses, last longer, and require the few repairs.

A wood deck is another fantastic investment, if done right. It adds a tremendous amount of living space while upping the aesthetic view of your home. The return-on-investment according to House Logic is about 80.5 percent upon resale

(Photo Credit: Long Island Decks)

Closely behind wood decks in terms of return, is an attic conversion project. It adds extra space and could potentially attract buyers who want a guest room or a bonus office. An attic room can be completely charming and a welcoming break from symmetry, community with roommates, and boring, square walls. Unless you're into that sort of thing

(Photo Credit: Tyrone Attic Stairs)

A very smart way to upgrade the appearance of your home is to replace the garage doors. It's a simple project and adds tremendous curb appeal. Check out the before-and-after photo below. The new garage doors are an indubitable improvement from the ones before, and they add so much modernity to the house itself! Plus, the projected return-on-investment is about 82.5% according to Home Logic.

(Photo Credit: Alpha One Door Systems)

New windows will also up the value of your home and return the cost upon resale, especially if they're energy-efficient. Below are some impressive examples from Snyder Windows of how windows can totally change the appearance of the home. It can take the exterior from drab to fab in no time! Home Logic says that the expected return for the investment from this project is about 77.5 percent for "midrange vinyl" windows, and about 78.8 percent for "midrange wood" replacement windows.

(Photo Credit: Snyder Windows)

If you're ever curious about what you're planning to do to your home is really a good investment for you, please call our experts at The Claus Team. We are always standing by to answer your questions, give you advice, support you, and of course, help you purchase or sell a home. We aren't just Realtors, we are long-term friends eager to see you succeed and make the best choices for you and your family, so please keep us on speed dial! We look forward to the call! :) (210) 566-6355.

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