Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top 21 Handy Mobile Apps for Homebuyers & Sellers

Hey Guess What, You're invited to Appy Hour! (*cue laughter) Time, now.

Hello, real estate friends! Welcome to Appy Hour. We at the Claus Team know how exhausting the whole real estate process can be for both buyers and sellers. Sometimes it seems so complicated, doesn't it? Thank goodness we live in the Digital Age, where handy iPhone & Android apps make the process so much easier than it was years ago. Here are the top 21 we recommend (yeah, we know, 21 is an odd number, but we get tired of even sometimes, y'know?). Feel free to comment or suggest more! We love to hear from you.

1. & 2.  Zillow or Trulia: We love these apps because you can use them to locate homes for sale in the Neighborhood you happen to be driving through (and maybe fall in love with). :)
3. Open Home Pro: Real estate agents need this one! It’s useful for storing clients’ info, distributing listings, and keeping in touch with your contacts. 
4. Walk Score: For all you out there who love to walk for exercise, this is a good app to see the “walkability” score of a home and the surrounding areas.
5. AroundMe: Use this one to explore the neighborhood, surrounding features and businesses of the home you have in mind.
6. Wikihood: Learn about any neighborhood worldwide! There’s so much information on here such as culture, demographics, and geographical information.
7. My Measures and Dimensions: In the middle of nowhere, but wanna jot some measurements down? This app is cool for drawing and jotting them on-the-go.
Evernote: Speaking of jotting, this app will keep you on top of your schedule! It even auto-syncs with your computer to streamline your calendars.
9. & 10.  Agent Feedback or Market Feedback: Keep your clients updated effortlessly about the real estate buying-or-selling process.
11. Sex Offender Tracker App: You want to make sure you’re going to live in a safe neighborhood for your children. That’s why this app is a must-have for home buyers.
12. CompleteForeclosures: Find great foreclosure deals, with all the details you’re looking for.
13. Home Buying Power: This app helps you figure yours or your clients’ buying power with just a few clicks.
14. Redfin: It’s an app that shows you every home for sale on an MLS map. It’s easy to use, too.
15. Real Estate-Real Easy: This spiffy app lets you create your own branded real estate app.
16. Photo Measures: Save measurements on your phone so you don’t have to do it all over again later. Now that’s convenient!
17. Mortgage Calculator Pro: Figure fixed rate mortgages in a jiffy with this app, which allows you to e-mail the quotes to yourself in a .pdf document. (how convenient!)
18. ColorSmart: Create photos of all the rooms in your home in all the colors you can imagine, with this nifty visualization software (by Behr paint).
19. CrumbTracks: Store all the photos you've taken of homes, and even share them (if you want to).
20. Dictionary of Real Estate Terms: More than 300 terms at your disposal, all of which you can take notes next to and share with others.
21. My Agent: This app’s ideal for agents who want to keep track of their database and veer away from spreadsheets.

We hope you find these apps handy. We definitely have. :) Have a appy buying or selling journey, friends!

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