Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baylor releases real estate study findings

Baylor University's Keller Center released its annual Residential Real Estate study and report this week. In 2012, the center examined a variety of topics including seller financing, social media, customer relationships. The report also contained an in-depth examination of sales performance through moral judgement.

Moral judgement by agents in guiding their clients during real estate transactions is an interesting and controversial topic. Every Realtor has fiduciary responsibilities inherent in their contracts with clients, but significant gray area exists in how far a Realtor can, and should, go in offering their own opinion on real estate decisions made by buyers.

Recently, a Claus Team buyer's agent worked with a client trying to decide between two homes. The Realtor gave her opinion of which home would be a better choice, but ultimately the buyer decided to offer on the other home. In this cases like these, the Claus Team relies on a customer-oriented sales policy. When a buyer partners with a Claus Team agent to purchase a home, our agents will ALWAYS give you their honest opinions about the homes you view. Sometimes, we are forced to tell our clients things they don't want to hear. Even though it isn't always easy, we at the Claus Team believe that buyers choose to work with us because they're looking for a deeper level of knowledge about the Schertz-Garden Ridge-New Braunfels real estate market. 

And once our buyers have all of the information available to them that we're able to give, we step back and allow them to make their own decisions, which we then objectively execute.

You can read the entire Keller Center Report online HERE, including their findings on moral judgement in sales transactions.  

If you would like more information about buyers agency through the Claus Team, visit us online at or call 210.566.6355.


Unknown said...

This report said so many things about real estate. You can find all the information regarding customer relationship, social media and etc.

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Unknown said...

You're right; it really is an interesting report! I linked to it so our readers can check the whole thing out for themselves if they're interested in exploring it in-depth. Personally, I found the social media and sales morality articles to be the most interesting components. I think I'll blog about our thoughts on the social media section next week!

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment!

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