Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Power of (Spray) Paint

You've probably heard it a million times on those HGTV design shows, but it really is true...paint is the cheapest and fastest way to transform your home decor. 
We all know that a gallon of paint (at about twenty bucks a pop) is a cheap and easy way to freshen your walls.  We all ALSO know that painting your walls is great because it's non-commital.  If you hate it, it's easy-peasy to paint over it, right?  But what if you don't want the hassle?  What if you like your wall colors, but your home decor is boring, tired, or just plain wearing on you?  Grab a can of spray paint and head out to your yard to make some changes!  Spray paint can give new life to almost anything, including old lamps, wood furniture, baskets, and even wire or metal decorations.  Is your patio furniture on it's last leg?  Some Rustoleum Spray Paint can fix that.  At around $5 a can, you can update your house until your heart is content. 

Not convinced?  It's okay.  Here are a few examples of easy spray paint projects that will hopefully win you over!  The first example comes from a great design blog, YoungHouseLove.  In an attempt to get a cute mirror for a baby's bedroom, they transformed THIS:

Into the much better THIS:

Centsational Girl was able to turn a boring piece of bamboo furniture into something you'd see in a magazine!  She started with THIS:

And ended with the much better THIS:

Design Sponge featured a great transformation of a pair of UG-LY 1970's lamps awhile back.  The City Sage started with THESE:

And ended with the much more modern THIS:

So, folks, the moral of the story here is don't just "make-do" with the boring or out-dated in your life.  Head on over to your local craft or home improvement store, buy a few cans of paint in a color that makes you happy, and get to work.  Just remember, spray paint can tranform ALMOST anything into something even better...but it does not work on husbands, in-laws, or cranky kiddos. 
Happy Spraying!

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