Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How's the weather today?

The real estate market is like the weather...different in EVERY city EVERY day! Yes that's right...real estate markets cannot be summed up into one and that is exactly what the media is doing. The market in San Antonio is definitely different than the market in San Diego. Lucky for us the "weather" in San Antonio is not as cloudy as other areas of our nation. With an average sales price of $172,000 the San Antonio market is very affordable. Not only that, INTEREST RATES ARE LOWER THAN THEY HAVE BEEN IN 40 YEARS! Wow!! So my question is why not buy today? Statistically the market will improve and house values will go up again. Think about it, do we buy stock when it is high or low? Low! The real estate market should be looked at in the same manner. Buy now while prices are low. If you plan to hold on to that home for a while, you are likely to see a profit in the future. So, don't let the negativity of the media scare you away, now is a GREAT time to buy a home! The weather today is SUNNY!


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