Friday, December 12, 2014

Is Your Thermostat Wasting Your Money?

There are so many features on a home that could potentially waste money. A thermostat is one of them. We as home-owners and future home-buyers need to be as economical as possible in today’s economy.

     If you read our blog about switching to LED lights a couple of days ago, you know that incandescent bulbs are one way money goes down the drain. Today, we’re talking about your thermostat. Sure, it makes you cozy-warm in the winter and icy-cool in the summer, but how much is that costing you? You could be saving more by switching to a wireless thermostat! That means more gift money this Christmas!
     The Claus Team recommends a wireless, (“wifi”) digital thermostat. They're sleek, compact, and pretty stylish compared to the boxy eyesores of yore. They're generally easy to install DIY (basically you attach a couple of wires together—and voila!) Plus, it’s neat to control the comfort of your home with the simple touch of a remote! Furthermore, oftentimes you can control the temperature from another location with its handy-dandy Smartphone app!
There are also many to choose from, ranging from around $100 to around $400, depending on which site you go to. Honeywell is perhaps the most common maker of wireless thermostats. You also have Allure, Radio, Emerson, Ecobee, and Lockstate. The best deal might be a Honeywell wireless at about $100 a unit (for the most inexpensive one), and among the most highly rated on the market.
     Many digital thermostat websites allow you to calculate just how much you could be saving by installing a wireless thermostat like theirs. When I typed in our Schertz zip code, I was pleasantly surprised that we could save about $50 a month by switching! We like those numbers. J
     So if you’re looking for ways to save this holiday season, maybe invest in a wireless thermostat! Who knows? It might even make the perfect Christmas gift for your resident money worry-wart. We have a few people like that in mind! Merry Christmas, y’all! Happy wireless thermostat hunting!

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