Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Building Wealth in a Struggling Economy

"Real Estate is the Only Way to Build Wealth"

That was easy for American entrepreneur and founder of the Chicago-based department store line Marshall Field & Co., Marshall Field, to say amid the bustling turn of the century. In the early 20th Century, the American Dream was the lifeblood that fueled the before-and-aftermath of the Industrial Revolution and ferried poor and weary immigrants coming to the country thousands of miles for the pursuit of happiness and freedom. The Dream was alive. 

Where is the American Dream now? With increasing corporate competition, a barely-simmering economy, and wars present and future, how is one to build wealth like they used to? The answer is still real estate.

Think about every wealthy person you know today. Do they own one house? Two? Are they property managers? Do they have just one stream of income, or multiple streams coming in? That is because they are successfully winning in the game of asymmetric risk and rewards, the hand that real estate deals them every time. They are winning because they are educating themselves about current trends in the market, they know current interest rates, federal guidelines, and the current state of the economy.

Today's economy is a playground for you! The federal government continues to award subsidies, tax breaks, and bailouts to people struggling to pay their mortgages. And because of them, you have the distinct opportunity to invest in your own property, when times are lenient for homeowners. Add to that inflation, wavering supply and demand, and refinancing, and investing in one home can pay off by the hundreds of thousands over the years. 

I want you to do yourself a favor, now. Call the Claus Team to see if home ownership is feasible for you. We will give you a free estimate of your current home value, point you to right people who can you what you can afford now and with increased income, and even talk to you about potentially owning additionally properties years down the road. The Claus Team can be your key to building wealth. Building implies that this is a process that takes time--years, in fact. But if you don't take that first step, you'll never lay the foundation to a future of prosperity. Let us be your "bricklayers", so-to-speak.

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