Thursday, December 18, 2014

10 Quick Ideas to Fix-up Your Tired Guest Room

Merry Christmas, y'all! I don't know about you, but we are busy preparing for a whole gang to come over to our house for some celebrating. We've been thinking about ways to spruce up the home quickly before the herd shows up at our doorstep. We figure the guest room is the perfect spot to zero-in on. We need to follow some of our own advice here! :)

Okay, this is something we ALWAYS say, but it ALWAYS works! I mean, just look at how fresh, clean, and calming the room looks in this home after a few coats of light blue against a white trim. It's glorious! It makes the room look new again, and personally, we love the smell of new paint (to a point). Consider relatively neutral colors like this one to serve as the perfect canvas for a colorful theme, a zany comforter set, or some bright works of art. That way, if you get tired of them in the future, you don't have to paint an entire wall, you just have to switch out the decor!

2. Consider ways to update your headboard, (or just get a new one!)

A headboard can bring your guest room to luxury hotel status, stat! The one in the above photo is so beautiful, adding the perfect touch of modern art with its sharp angles and sloping curves along with a dramatic teal-and-turquoise pop of color. The rest of the room is relatively neutral, with subtle hints of tranquil blues scattered about. On a side note, the colors of this room complement the loads of natural light spilling in. How heavenly!

3. Liven up your end tables

All it usually takes is a coat of paint or some varnish, but refreshing your tired end tables will add sophistication to the entire room. Or, you could go to one of our favorite inexpensive places in town, At-Home, and pick up a few silver-and-glass or brightly-painted wood end tables for relatively few bucks. Either way, it's a win.

4. Switch our your bedding

The bed is the central focus of the room. It's important that your guest bed says, "Come hither, and lay your weary body upon me for a deep and peaceful respite from traveling life" instead of, "You might want to inspect the covers for bed bugs before you dive in". Therefore, it's all about the bedding. Just think of all the wonderful hotel rooms you stayed in. Remember how fresh and clean and smooth the covers were, with many layers to could peel off or add on depending on how high you blasted the air conditioning that night? Remember how plush and deep the pillows were, and how everything always seemed clean and new? That's how your guest bed should be. 

5. Lampshade makeover

Oh, what a difference a little color and texture can make in a room! A teensy little lamp, or its lampshade, can make or break a room. Here's proof right here in this photo. Are we even looking at the same lamp here? And guess what? It was probably pretty inexpensive to buy a can of spray paint and a new lampshade!

6. Get all artsy

Behold, the transformative properties of artwork! Without anything on the walls, this room would still be cute, but it wouldn't be "wow". It's important to note the symmetry and attention to eye-levelness of the art. Oftentimes, it's a good idea to balance the works on the walls on a focal feature, like the window here, with two small identical works of art on either side, level to each other. The painting above the bed is balanced on the headboard, which is centered on the wall. A touch of texture and zaniness is added with the hanging lamp in the center of the room. It all works beautifully together. 

7. Accessorize away

Like we mentioned in the first point, a neutral wall can give birth to the most perfect backdrop on which to lavish art and colorful accessories, if that floats your boat. Of course, subtle and tame accessories can be just as lovely. Go nuts if you want. Or don't. Or go nuts. 

8. Freshen with flowers
Who doesn't enjoy the intoxicating fragrance of fresh blooms? It reminds one of the season of rebirth and excitement, Spring. It's quite a gracious way to welcome guests and tell them that they're important to you. 

9. Cable-up

Many people enjoy settling down at night with the dull hum of a television show or movie. Since guests are already out of their element staying in a strange place, make sure they have access to these types of comforts. Place a television with a DVD player on a stand in front of the bed, and bonus points if you run cable to your guest room! 

10. Clean like there's no tomorrow

That's it. Just dust, sweep, mop, polish, and spritz some smell-good stuff around the room. It's the final touch to your complete guest bedroom mini-reno. Happy decorating! :)

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