Friday, August 5, 2011

The Hardest Job in the Military

For many years, military commissaries had the following slogan written on their brown paper bags: "Military spouse--the hardest job in the military."  Everyone agrees that being ANY kind of spouse is difficult--marriage is hard work!  That being said, military spouses have some extra challenges that just plain go with the job.

Oneof those challenges that often goes unnoticed is that of employment.  While most people spend a significant amount of time planning their careers, sometimes it's all for nothing with a mil spouse.  Sure, these spouses can spend the time, money and effort going to college, graduate school, trade school, or even getting invested in a certain job, but at a moments notice it can all be over.  You see, when Uncle Sam says it's time to pack up your bags and move, it has to be done.  Military families have a very short amount of time to make arrangments for their new duty station, and for a military spouse to find a new job is often a difficult feat.  The family is likely plopped into a city that they have never been in their lives.  The spouse often has no professional contacts, no experience in the new city, and they are now starting over.  FROM SCRATCH.  What's more...they have to look for a job knowing that they will have to repeat this process all over again in two or three years.  It can be positively daunting.

The state of Texas has thankfully taken notice of this difficulty, and has decided to do something about it by creating a new state-funded program to bridge the unemployment gap for these military spouses.  The Family Employment Assistance Counselor (FEAC) Program aims to directly assist military spouses with finding employment.  Since the program in San Antonio kicked off, the program says that they have helped HALF of spouses looking for work.  While husbands and wives are serving our county--many deployed--lightening the load on spouses in the homefront is definitely a step in the right direction!

If you or someone you know is a military spouse looking for employment, click HERE for more information!

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