Monday, October 3, 2011


When you decide to list your house for sale, one of the most crucial parts of the listing is the pictures.  Here at The Claus Team, we know that when a buyer goes to view a home, it's not really their first viewing.  It's normally their second or third, because they have already seen your house online!  That's why taking great pictures is SO important, and why we dedicate so much time to getting perfect photos to showcase your homes best features.

HOWEVER, it seems that some realtors don't quite take photos so seriously, which can lead to pretty funny and outrageous photos out there on the web. 

Take for instance THIS home.  Not so sure if the average person could look beyond the stuffed FOREST CREATURES in here.

Or how about this house?  It seems that it comes with it's VERY OWN 1970's stepford wife!  What a deal!

 Apparently these people REALLY believe that their kid is a child Picasso.  But, um...does anyone else?

Does this picture want to make you sleep in this room?  NO?   I can't imagine why-ever looks so cozy.

Is it possible to be OVERLY patriotic?  Because if so, this might be a good example.

Check this out!  There is a creature in the bathroom.  Wait...WAIT.  It's actually a wig, and it's made an appearance especially for these pictures!

Just in case you've always DREAMED of having a sexy cow painting in your master bedroom, you've found it.  LUCKY YOU.

I wonder if this person minds that their bra is now on display for everyone in the world to see?

If you have a home that you are thinking of listing to sell OR rent, call us today!  210-566-6355 We promise to take great pictures that DON'T include your bra, your wig, or any other crazy things in your house!

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